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Why is my payment being declined?

If you have trouble paying with a credit or debit card, check the following:

• Your card has not expired/been frozen by the bank or is not on the list of suspicious cards
• You have sufficient funds
• You've entered your payment details (the card number, expiration date, CVV code) and the 3DS code (if required) correctly
• The recipient's personal details (phone number, email, first and last name) are correct
• The online purchase feature is enabled
• You're not using a VPN, proxy, or other similar service designed to establish an encrypted connection

If you've checked all of the above but the problem still persists, try another card or a different payment method. In case none of that works, get in touch with the Buydo support team — we'll do our best to figure it out!

How do I contact them?

By email (support@buydo.com) or by clicking on the button below.