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Amazon Sexual Position Cards

The "Amazon Adult Sexual Position Card Couples Unlock New Positions" offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing intimacy and pleasure in relationships through a variety of sexual positions. This guide aims to provide couples with new and exciting ways to connect, with detailed instructions and illustrations to help them explore each position comfortably and confidently.

The book features 69 different positions, each designed to cater to different levels of flexibility and comfort, ensuring there's something for everyone. These positions range from simple, beginner-friendly options to more adventurous and physically demanding ones. The guide emphasizes the importance of communication and mutual consent, encouraging couples to explore their boundaries together.

In addition to the positions, the guide also provides tips on incorporating foreplay and other intimate activities to enhance the overall experience. It includes advice on using sex toys and props to add variety and fun to the bedroom. The book is illustrated with clear, tasteful images that demonstrate each position, making it easy for readers to understand and try them out.

Overall, this guide is a valuable resource for couples looking to reignite their passion and explore new dimensions of their sexual relationship. By offering a blend of creativity, practicality, and expert advice, it aims to help couples achieve a deeper connection and greater satisfaction.

The "Amazon Adult Sexual Position Cards" delves into more than just the mechanics of each position. It also covers aspects of sexual health and intimacy, offering a holistic approach to enhancing a couple's sex life. Here are some additional key features of the guide:

Amazon Adult Sexual Position Cards Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Position Descriptions:
  • Each position is thoroughly explained with step-by-step instructions, making it easy for couples to understand and try out. The descriptions include tips on how to achieve and maintain the positions, and how to modify them to suit different levels of flexibility and comfort​.
  1. Illustrations:
  • The guide is well-illustrated with tasteful, clear drawings that visually demonstrate each position. This helps in making the instructions easier to follow and adds a visual appeal to the book​​.
  1. Focus on Intimacy and Communication:
  • Emphasizing the importance of communication, the guide encourages couples to talk openly about their desires and boundaries. This approach helps in building trust and enhancing the emotional connection between partners​​.
  1. Incorporation of Foreplay and Toys:
  • The book suggests various ways to incorporate foreplay and the use of sex toys to heighten pleasure. Tips on how to use vibrators, lubricants, and other accessories are included, making the guide versatile and comprehensive​.
  1. Health and Safety Tips:
  • Attention is given to sexual health and safety, providing advice on how to avoid injuries and ensure both partners are comfortable and consenting throughout their intimate experiences​.
  1. Variety and Creativity:
  • With 69 positions, the guide offers a wide range of options from the mild and romantic to the wild and adventurous. This variety ensures that there is something new for every couple to explore, keeping their sex life exciting and dynamic​​.
  1. Practical Advice for Real Couples:
  • The guide is realistic and practical, catering to couples of all ages and body types. It provides modifications and alternative positions to ensure that everyone can find something that works for them​.


The "Sexual Position Bible for Couples" is an excellent guide for those looking to experiment and diversify their sexual life. With detailed descriptions, vivid illustrations, and practical tips, this book is an invaluable resource for couples of all ages.