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What's a store on BUYDO?

A store is a place that sells products from a single merchant.

Where do store reviews come from?

The store reviews are a collection of reviews of all the products presented in a store. Those are written by real users who have already received their purchases.

Where does the store rating come from?

The average rating of all the seller's items forms the store rating. A product can only be rated upon confirmation of receipt.

How to add a store to Favorites?

Well, the desktop version lacks this option unlike our app:

  1. Tap the product you like and scroll down. The store link is located under the Similar items section.
  2. Go to the store page by tapping the tab with its name.
  3. Hit Follow or Favorite depending on your OS. Now the closest to your heart store is always at hand and can be found in either Favorites or Following.