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How do product reviews work?

Reviews on Buydo are our users' opinions about ordered products. Those are written by real people with real passion!

How do I leave a review?

To review a product you need to confirm its receipt. Just select Yes on the Have you received this order? tab. Right after that you'll be able to rate your item, give some feedback to the seller and other users, and attach a few photos/videos if you like.

N.B. iOS and desktop users cannot upload videos at the moment.

How do I edit my review?

This can be done at any time by clicking on/tapping the Edit Review button. You can change your star rating, text and attachments.

Can I post a review anonymously?

Of course! Use the Anonymous Review toggle or tick the corresponding box on the website. Your review will be published anonymously and hidden from the Reviews tab.

Tips for writing a review.

The most important thing is honesty!
Honest reviews help both users and us. We should know whether or not the product is worth removing from the website.

And also details!
Informative reviews are extremely helpful. Keep them about the product (not the rest of your experience) and don't include any personal info.

What should be in the photo or video?

Well, the product itself, photographed or filmed from different angles and in good lighting. Let others see the pros and cons of buying it.

And what shouldn't be?

Postal labels, bank cards, and any other personal identifiable information. Anything containing your personal data (last name, first name, address, telephone number, etc.) may be used for unwanted or fraudulent purposes.